Giving your bins a quick rinse now and then may remove some larger bits of debris, but let’s face it… it still stinks and if you can smell it, chances are pretty good you could also get sick from it. Our technician and mobile cleaning unit can clean, sanitize, disinfect and deodorize your bins and dumpsters in minutes, eliminating bacteria, viruses, mold and contaminants from pests. We can use fewer resources (just 2 gallons of water per cleaning!) and get your bins cleaner. Not only that, but we take the mess with us when we’re done! Why wouldn’t you leave it to us??

Our services are structured to suit your needs. Do you have a loved one or employees that are immune suppressed or otherwise vulnerable to viruses and infection? Bi-weekly is the best protection for optimal health and safety considerations. No place to store your bins in the sweltering summer? Bi-weekly cleanings will spare you the nuisance of flies and maggots, not to mention the stench – YUCK! Monthly and bi-monthly options are offered as well. Check out scheduling and pricing here

You can call us and speak to us directly at 774-ECO-WASH (774-326-9274) or book your service here

No problem! Just call and let us know, and we’ll put you on the schedule for the following week. Our goal is customer convenience.

When you purchase N.E.E.W. services, you’ll receive a superior disinfection solution, SteraMist®, along with numerous other benefits, including:

  • Innovative disinfection technology
  • Certified SteraMist® technicians will conduct a site visit and training session  with the EVS department and any other required personnel.
  • Customized protocols for immediate and ongoing surface and terminal clean requirements

Learn more about the technology here.

Read all about SteraMist® disinfection solution here.

We provide residential and commercial disinfection and decontamination services. Some of the popular commercial companies we provide disinfection services for include restaurants, property management companies, waste management companies, municipalities, healthcare facilities and nursing homes, DPWs, state and local governments, golf courses, school systems, and more.

SteraMist® is subject to many material compatibility tests to ensure your facility is treated as effectively as possible. It contains no dyes, fragrances, chlorine, ammonium, bleach, or silver ions, therefore having minimal effects on surfaces.

We service all of Massachusetts and Connecticut.