Our Process


Whether your needs are residential or commercial, one thing we all have in common is that we’re all taking care of someone… We’re all looking for ways to provide healthy, safe spaces for the people most important to us. Whether it’s your family, parents, tenants, employees, students, patients or customers, N.E.E.W provides a simple, affordable way to show them you care about their well-being. New England Eco Wash is your partner in raising the bar and high standard of care for your customers, employees, and loved ones. We are in this together!

We understand that preventative measures are just as critical as immediate care. Luckily, routine, and one-time SteraMist® disinfection treatments can be easily implemented into new and existing cleaning protocols. SteraMist® has superior surface disinfection capabilities, ensuring that every bit of a treated area is covered with a powerful, 6-log level efficacy. SteraMist® technology utilizes ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP™), a non-caustic, chlorine, and bleach-free fog to help create a clean environment, ensuring that patients and staff are provided peace-of-mind with minimum room downtime.

Disinfection and sanitation of all surfaces and areas that people encounter is part of the “new normal” in the age of COVID. Dumpsters and trash bins are no exception. As our communities begin to reopen and problem-solve the health and safety of our public and workspaces, a highly effective solution to sanitizing them with zero impact to the environment is in high demand. New England Eco Wash is part of that solution!

Our Process

Pretreatment & Pressure Wash

Soiled receptacles are pretreated, and pressure washed with biodegradable detergent and inverted via pneumatic lift over the truck’s self-contained wastewater tank.

Steam & Spray

Next, dual rotating water heads steam and spray the inside of bins and dumpsters with 230-degree water that disinfects and sanitizes all inner surfaces.

Disinfect High Touch Surfaces

Our technician will finish off the service by spraying a disinfectant on all high touch surfaces (lid, sliding door, handles etc.) that is EPA approved for killing coronavirus. A quick spray of the dumpster pad and outer surfaces concludes the service within minutes, resulting in cleaner, safer bins.

We Handle Disposal

All contaminated wastewater is contained within the truck and disposed of properly in a wastewater treatment facility.


Understanding the Power Behind SteraMist® Disinfection Technology

The ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP™) process is a patented two-step process that activates and ionizes Binary Ionization Technology (BIT™), an EPA-registered solution of 7.8% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) solution into iHP™, a fine mist capable of eliminating all contamination challenges within critical environments faster than any competitors on the market and without the production of byproducts.