Mobile Truck/Fleet Wash Service

We have been managing fleets for over 15 years, and the one thing we have taken away from our careers, one as a Director of Fleet
Operations for the oldest privately owned electrical contracting companies in the United States with over 2500 heavy duty assets,
and the other, in Executive Management in automotive and heavy equipment. We know the overall appearance of your fleet matters
both for appearance and preventative maintenance. The introduction of our robust Fleet Wash Service will yield direct
benefits to the overall performance of your fleet.

fleet wash service

Clean Equipment = Less Downtime!

The cleanliness of your fleet promotes a positive safe work environment. Your mechanics moral will be boosted because they will be able to do their jobs without any obstacles to work around. They don’t have to stop production to clean off grease or degrease a section of the power plant to replace a part, which will enable more production out of your mechanics leading to less down time, better mean times to repair, and less assets OOS. As we know in the fleet business, time is money. 

fleet wash service

Prolong the Life of Your Equipment!

The Identification of deficiencies before they become critical is one of the most important aspects of a good Fleet Wash Program with a dedicated company. It’s vital that they understand the equipment and the assets behavior to be able to pinpoint crucial areas of concern to mitigate corrosion and maximize useful life. For instance, using Straight Line Depreciation of assets accounting: If you’re depreciating your assets over 7 years at $100,000/Mo. Extending the useful life 2 to 3 years past term will save you a significant amount of money. 

Why choose us?

“Your fleet should be as functional as it is professional, a clean fleet is a safe fleet, and it extends useful life and aesthetics”

“The only Fleet Wash service that reclaims, recycle, and reuses water”. We use a water containment barrier to contain all of the wastewater used, and we recycle and reuse all water on site.

“Environmentally friendly company” Heavy Equipment Cleaning – We will go to your job site and clean your loaders and excavators

“Use of 18 Stage reverse osmosis water filtration with phosphates and oil separator” All of our water reclamation goes through an 18 stage reverse osmosis water filtration system with phosphates and oil separator to recycle all of the water used. “0 Water runoff”

With our services we can extend the life of your asset past full term and beyond!

Mobile Truck/Fleet Wash Service

Improved Safety!

Poorly maintained equipment presents a safety hazard to your drivers and maintenance personnel. Contaminant buildup leads to problems with your electrical and hydraulic systems, as well as other mechanical issues. Faulty, malfunctioning equipment presents a danger to your entire crew, from the operator to anyone working in the vicinity of the asset, it is less likely to have DOT intervention, and your mechanics are also safer working on clean equipment. Power washing removes all matter of debris that otherwise hinders and slows your maintenance team which will make them less effective in their tools.

We understand the way corporations sometimes look at fleets, any additional cost is usually scrutinized. The upper echelon in management, sometimes, only believes fleets are the cost of doing business. This is one of the biggest mistakes and misconceptions executives can make regarding their fleet assets.

This had a great deal of influence on why we started our company, to bring a better, new way of fleet management support to some of the largest fleets in the country. Our capabilities are vast and broad, and we work from a QC and QA point of view.

If you’re looking for a professional Mobile Truck/Fleet Wash Service, look no further than New England Eco Wash. We provide safe, reliable, and affordable services to businesses of all sizes. Contact us today to learn more!


Mobile Truck/Fleet Wash Service

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